About us

We are a small business producing handcrafted tableware in the Mediterranean. The raw products are finished and packed in our location in Charleston SC. Our team is passionate about handcrafted Mediterranean-style tableware artwork. 

  • Man working on pottery oil bottle

    Ancient natural materials

    Natural materials are materials that can be found in nature. We use stone, clay linen, and wood as the preferred material in the Mediterranean. Jamailah pottery is crafted with Portuguese porcelain clay made of a large part of pure kaolin (kaolinite). Our wooden tableware is handcrafted from natural olive wood grown in Greece, Italy, and Tunisia.

  • Man cutting olive wood


    A craftsman is always self-policing. He is the biggest critique of his own work. He takes feedback and goes on to make his work even better. Our passionate team of wood crafters and potters inherited their very specialized skills from their families and passed them on for generations.

  • Brie at the pottery design prototypes

    Mediterranean Design

    The Mediterranean design is a blend of many different cultures and influences. This style is often associated with the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.
    While the Mediterranean style is definitely modern, it has an old-world feel that can make your home feel like it’s been transported to another time and place.