Jamailah Curry Mango Mustard Spread made in Charleston

Les saveurs méditerranéennes

Charleston Produced Natural Specialty Foods  


Outside Dinner

Looking for a cool gift
for your Thanksgiving invitation?
Jamailah Gourmet Mustards 
pair deliciously with roasted turkey.
It's a limited edition. Buy now for 39 USD




A new collection of handcrafted tableware items has arrived.

Please note: We had to increase our prices on the olive wood products. The transatlantic transportation cost from Europe to the U.S. have tripled.


Eat Clean - Lose weight

Jamailah Specialty foods boost your meals with antioxidants and savory flavors.
100% Natural
Free of unhealthy fats and sugar.

The daily clean eating rituals

Replace unhealthy fats with extra virgin olive oil and loose weight

Replace unhealthy fats with monounsaturated fats

Replace cane sugar with raw honey and loose weight

Replace sugar with natural sweeteners

Add natural antioxidants to your food and loose weight

Skip breakfast and give your body antioxidants instead

Start the meal with a healthy salad and loose weight

Start the main courses with a salad or veggies

A five step plan for healthy eating and weight loss

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Healthy salad served in a Jamailah olive wood bowl

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