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Get the right board for your next event

A charcuterie board is a go-to for hosts‚ÄĒand a fan favorite of guests‚ÄĒfor good reason. No wood makes a better presentation for charctuerie than olive wood. Charctuerie is featuring different dry meats, various cheese, crackers spreads and produce. Scale the portions up or down based on the number of guests. We have the right size board for all events.

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Olive wood wax sample beeswax

Olive Wood last forever

... with the right care. We add a free wood wax sample and care instructions to our olive wood tableware products. We created this food-grade wax for the care of olive wood tableware. It's made from organic beeswax, olive oil and essential lemon and sage oil. 100% natural.

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We take a hands-on approach to everything we do. From mixing our clay to painting each design. It stems from our desire to fill your home with timeless, sustainably made clay pottery. Our pottery product brings Mediterranean colors to your dinner table.  Dinnerware, bakeware, kitchenware, and home goods that are safe and lovely to use.

Jamailah handcrafted oil and vinegar bottles

Stock up your pantry with healthy Mediterranean foods

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