Gadgets made of pure olive wood

The precious wood from the olive tree

Olive wood is a strong and precious wood with a fine grain and silk feel. Each piece is a hand-crafted unique item. We produce these olive wood items from the wood that we win by cutting back the olives trees for cultivation.

Clay pottery

charming mediterranen dishes


We design Mediterranean dishes that are produced manually in our pottery in Nabeul, Tunisia. The pottery items are painted by hand. Suitable to serve food and always an eye catcher for decoration. These make great gifts for all occasions.


Allrounders from pure cotton and Linen


Foutas are handmade cotton towels from the Southern Mediterranean. Use them for decorating your furniture, cover your table and bring them for your next outdoor picnic. Made of fine stretchy cotton and linen.

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Prices are ExWork Switzerland in EUR. Please ask for shipping options. We delivery international.

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