Artisanal food

A food that’s labeled artisanal promises that there is a human behind it, someone who has been actively involved in creating it. Everything mass produced doesn't qualify. Jamailah Natural Gourmet Foods are produced in small batches by hand. We revert traditions in the food production using natural ingredients to create foods of fabulous taste with high proportion of healthy components. 

Hand-crafted foods will never be a mass market, however the number of consumers that prefer natural food increases daily. "Good Food For A Good Mood"

Hand-crafted Clay bottles

for our grand cru award winning olive oil

Clay Jars

preserve the quality of Olive oil

Olive Oil is sensitive to light, heat and oxygen. Jamailah therefore relies on the ancient material manufacturing hand made clay bottles that best preserves the excellent quality of its Award Winning Olive Oils. These self-designed and handmade white clay bottles reflect the light of Tunisia and the elegant appearance of its White House. Each Jamailah Grand Cru clay bottle is hand made and unique. 

Our pottery workers receive a fair salary for their work. Unfortunately the pottery had to shut down after the revolution due to the decreased income from tourism. Producing Jamailah Olive Oil bottles and handmade    tableware has allowed Jamailah to reopen the pottery and now continues to operate.


traditional craftships

Our Foutas (cotton tablesheets and towels) are handmade in Tunisia