Artisanal Specialty Foods made in Switzerland

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 Swiss Gourmet Foods Inc. is the official importer of Jamailah products in the U.S.

Our Award Winning Organic Olive Oils were selected the best in the world.


Olive Oils are characterized by their prudent cultivation. The wise renunciation and  manual picking methods means a higher cost than that of the conventional breeding of other olive oils which can be offered for much cheaper. Our Gold and Silver Award winning Olive Oils do come in at a higher price however quality and perfection are not cheap. Jamailah only works with dedicated and passionate producers from Greece and Italy, two countries famous for their olives. Our olive oil is imported to Switzerland where we strategically perform all the sensory and chemical controls to assure you get the highest levels of quality and flavor. We then fill and bottle all of our exclusive Jamailah Brand Olive Oils in Switzerland following our culture with the exceptional Swiss standards.

Grand Cru Organic Mustards

New Packaging - More Value - Same Quality - All Organic

The only Organic Mustard Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Only the finest ingredients are used to produce this fabulous hand made mustard which is offered in 6 amazing flavors. We have something for everyone. Sticking to tradition, all Jamailah Foods are:

Free from palmoil and non-GMO. Indulge the taste sensation made with our Grand Cru Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, German mustard seeds, Swiss apple cider and fresh harvested sea salt from Greece. The finest from all over Europe. 

Six savoury varieties

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The Business of Saying 'Thank you'

Customer Gifts that remain in memory for long

Our Award Winning Olive Oil from Greece are bottled in our trademark handmade white clay bottle. This makes a statement on any table and a gift that remains in your memory forever. Complete with our self designed pourrer and packed in an elegant gift box. Let us customize the print on the packing for you with your company logo.

The ultimate Swiss alpine flower honey

We only produce this delicacy in small batches. This Organic and natural treasure is a very "Limited Edition" due to the strict process. Jamailah Alpine Honey is the highest quality raw honey. Rich and healthy antioxidants equals to the quality of Manuka Honey. The bee breed is origin to Switzerland. We gain this honey in a hidden valley of the Berner Oberland in the famous Swiss Alps. Alpine Roses and Mountain Flowers add a unforgetable taste. Each jar of this sweet treasure is numbered, what number are you? There are only as many jars available as we have due to the harvest. This is one sweet investment you don't want to buzz past.