Natural food for a good Mood

Our specialty foods are made by family owned farms in the Mediterranean and in Switzerland, using the traditional methods passed on for generations, we remain committed to keeping our extraordinary quality. Our packing solutions are unique and make the perfect corporate gifts for any occasion. Our references include but are not limited to a long list of European companies such as AUDI Switzerland, Credit Suisse Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Post Finance and Allianz Insurance who proudly hand out our Swiss gourmet gifts to their clients and employees leaving a lasting impression with their clients. We try to help and avoid waste by hand making our trademark refillable  white clay bottles when applicable. Our quality is never compromised and we do our due diligence for the protection of the environment. Organic Foods, Palmoil Free, No additives or preservatives, All natural foods with healthy antioxidants and a recyclable contentious organization. "Good Food For A Good Mood". Buy with confidence. 

Introducing Brigitte Ross, our companies General Manager and Founder of Jamailah Switzerland has a genuine passion: Olive trees and their magical oil. Her adventure on Jamailah tells the story of this passionate enterpreneur. 'On a holiday in Tunisia I had been served an olive oil which was freshly harvested. The first time I learned how true olive oil really tasted and tried to find this "Green Gold" at home in Switzerland. With no success, I discovered that most olive oils are simply just a mix of different varieties sourced from different countries, as many as 12. High quality olive oils are hard to find outside of the Mediterraneans. In 2015 I resigned from my job working in IT to persue my true passion: Creating The worlds finest Organic Olive Oils. Jamailah is the proud recipient and winner of the 2018 NY Olive Oil Competition winning both the Gold and Silver for the best Organic Olive Oils. With over 1,000 entries from all over the world, Jamailah Brand Olive Oils can proudly say we produce the best Organic Olive Oils in the world. This was the beginning of my dream and company creating Jamailah Switzerland. Receiving these prestigious awards confirmed my efforts were worth everything and now Jamailah Switzerland wants to share this and all our other product lines with you. Wanting to become international and gain a stronger and already established presence in the USA my journey continued. In 2018 I met my new business partner bringing Jamailah US to life. Together I partnered up with Andrew Palanker, a seasoned, well experienced local businessman with a good understanding in Finance, Credit, Customer Service, Project Management, Logistics, Brand, Advertising, Sales Strategies, B2B, Shipping & Fulfillment, and Marketing. Behind every successful man is a strong and successful woman, that's my role. Together our mission is clear, build and market our Handmade, All Natural, Award Winning, Healthy and Organic products served to your table. We believe Quality Foods should never be compromised nor should it ever be mass produced. Smaller batches mean more work and efforts are put into everything we make, this assures our quality control. Purchase our Jamailah Brand Products and buy with confidence. We guarentee our products are made with the traditional Swiss Quality. All our products are Handmade in Switzerland and imported to the US, we don't use any third parties in our process. Switzerland does not only produce the worlds best watches and finest chocolates, we also produce the worlds best Olive Oils harvested from Italy and Greece along with 100% Natural Honey, Flavored Mustards, Organic Tea, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Sea Salts, Hand Made Olive Wood Accessories, Hand Painted Pottery and more to come. All of our products are free of Palm oil and replaced using our award winning Olive Oils, the healthier alternative which is also good for your heart according to the American Heart Association. We know you will enjoy.

Trivia Fact: Jamailah is the name of a woman I met while visiting Tunisia working in the olive groves. It stands for beautiful. This is what I feel when I see an old olive tree.