Natural Food

For a good mood

Healthy and natural eating keeps your mind, body and soul in balance. Natural, unprocessed food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular processed food. 

Brigitte Ross, General Manager

The mediterranean diet

reduces the risk of heart disease

The diet has been associated with a lower level of oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — the "bad" cholesterol that's builds up deposits in your arteries.

 Here is how it works:

  1. Eating primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts
  2. Replacing butter with healthy fats such as organic extra virgin olive oil 
  3. Using herbs and spices to flavor foods. Use sea salt instead of table salt.
  4. Limiting red meat
  5. Eating fish and poultry at least twice a week
  6. Enjoying meals with family and friends (lets party!)
  7. Drinking red wine in moderation (yeees!)
  8. Getting plenty of exercise (sure....)

Through the Hands

of our farmers and artisans

we produce unique and carefully selected  specialty food products – Natural gourmet food, all handmade and completely free of chemical additives. Our organic specialty foods are produced from family owned farms in the Mediterranean and in Switzerland, using traditional farming methods passed on for generations. Committed to reaching extraordinary quality. 

Olive harvest on the island of Lesvos in Greece

Olive harvest in the South of Tunisia

Planning for the harvest in Italy


Our olives are grown in the Mediterranean – Quality controlled and packed in Switzerland. We comply with Bio Suisse (Swiss Organic Quality Standard) and EU BIO (European Organic Standards). Our certifications are in approved equivalence with the US organic (USDA) standards.

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