SET OF 2 bottles and 2 dispensers. Use these versatile handmade clay bottles for olive oil, vinegar, or your homemade vinaigrette. Delivered with a dispenser made from cork and stainless steel witch automatically closes after usage to prevent the inflow of oxygen. No lids. The bottle keeps your olive oil fresh for a long. Olive oil is sensitive to light, oxygen, and heat.

A statement on your dinner table.  You can also use the bottle as a beautiful vase or water bottle. Use waterproof felt-pens to add your personal decoration to this elegant container.

28.7 floz.

Food suitable and sustainably produced under fair production standards. Dishwasher safe and can easily be refilled.

Please note: This is a purely handmade product. Due to the raw clay that we use and the manual production, the bottles have small imperfections. Every unit is unique and might also vary with minor differences in color and size.

Oil and Vinegar clay bottles - Set of 2

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  • Our handmade Mediterranean dish is made from clay.  Very robust and the color is food suitable. You can wash this item in the dishwasher. These items are handmade and therefore might have minor imperfections in their structure and color.