Choose good fat, not low fat!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Reduce dairy and replace with healthy fats
Choose good fat not low fat

Did you know even though a dairy item says it is "Low Fat" or "Fat Free", it doesn´t mean it is the healthier version to choose. This is an invention of the food industry and the complete opposite of healthy. Good Marketing makes us believe that we lose weight with low fat, but this is far from the truth. It is better to avoid everything in the dairy section that says Low fat or fat free.

Instead, choose whole fat dairy items. It tastes better, and it is better for the body. Try full-fat sheep milk yoghurts, greek yoghurts, or dairy alternatives. Buy full-fat milk products and avoid low fats altogether.

The same applies to cheese. Eat full fat cheese in moderation and buy feta cheese, Gruyere from Switzerland, Brie from France, and ages Parmigiano from Italy. These can be found in many grocery stores in their deli sections. These can be great for sandwiches, and putting in salads to add protein. Instead of cream cheese for your bagel, why not get some ricotta cheese? It has a similar texture, but contains less fat and is super tasty.

Enjoying in moderation is the key to dairy when trying to lose weight and staying healthy.

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