World's best extra virgin olive oils

Award-winning extra virgin olive oils from 
our groves in Greece, Italy and Tunisa

Olive oils in sustainably produced refillable clay bottles

Balsamic Vinegar

100% natural balsamic vinegar  The savory flavor and mild sweetness are a delight for salads, for tasty vinaigrettes, and to pair with roast and cheese. The sweetness is derived from the natural fermentation of the most. 

No additives
No added sugar
Low in acid
Swiss Alpine Raw Honey

We collect this high-quality raw honey in a hidden valley in the Swiss Alps. The alpine roses provide extraordinary color. Raw honey is a gift of nature because it serves as a natural sweetener and contains high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins.

No added sugar
Anti inflammatory

The healthiest
Mustard Spread

Made with finest ingredients:
20% extra virgin olive oil, apple vinegar, honey, and many healthy spices such as turmeric. Like no other spread.

Honey Chili MS SC with BBQ stick_edited.
Greek Mountain Tea

From the mountains of Greece come this mild spiced tea with a natural hint of lemon. Sideritis cardicia is a robust plant that grows wild on barren and rocky slopes only in this specific region of the Mediterranean. It is handpicked in Greece and processed in Switzerland.  It is simply delicious when mixed with honey.

Anti Inflammatory

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Swiss Chocolate

Stop feeling guilty when eating chocolate. Jamailah Grand Cru Chocolate Truffles are a masterpiece. Made to a secret recipe, their filling of lusciously smooth-melting chocolate and fresh Swiss cream lends the truffles superbly creamy character.